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ISF HÄRJARÖ 10/5 2003

dogs juniorclass 9 - 15 months

Bright Soul´s Glad All Over

(12 entries, 2 abs)


1 Ck Bright Soul´s Glad All Over

"Diesel" f: 020324

e: Withersdale World Wide Web
u: Bright Soul´s Crown of High Society

Breeder/Owner: M och M Svantesson


2 Ck Brogue-JR

"Leo" f: 020614

e: Auch Amhurst Ballybrouge
u: Queen Of Flames Cherokee

Breeder: Lena Kubinski

Owner: Angelica Persson

South Side´s Babbling Buffon

3 Hp South Side´s Babbling Buffon

"Burre" f: 020411

e: Brilliant Bronze Alexander The Great
u: Eel Gardens Beatém All

Breeder. A Gunnarsson och K Andersson

Owner: Cecilia Strand & Stefan

Eel Gardens Limited Edition

4 Hp Eel Gardens Limited Edition

"Lilleman" f: 020531

e: Eel Gardens Question Of Quack
u: Sv-01 Eel Gardens Tattle Tail

Breeder: B Schele

Owner: B Schele & Sussie Larsson

Fairhaven Bartender At Dub

5 Hp Fairhaven Bartender At Dub

"Zico" f: 020403

e: A Soft Wind Of The Golden Vale
u: Crazy´s Beauty

Breeder: Louise Holm

Owner: Charlotta Braune


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