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ISF HÄRJARÖ 10/5 2003

Dogs open 1

Withersdale World Wide Web

(14 entries, 2 abs)


1 Ck 3 best dog res-premie
Withersdale World Wide Web

"Jordan" f: 990621

e: Withersdale Oh Boy at Shandwick
u: Withersdale Hi-De-Hi

Breeder: Miss C A Sones, England

Owner: A Paleski & M o M Svantesson

A Soft Wind Of The Golden Vale

2 Ck 5 best dog
A Soft Wind Of The Golden Vale

"Magnus" f:010101

e: VDHch Golding Jeroboam

u: Temptress Of The Golden Vale

Breeder: Strykers Mevrouw Belgien

Owner: Ann Paleski

Coppers Prince Of Thieves

3 Ck Coppers Prince Of Thieves

"Mollgan" f: 010315

e: Pontiac
u: Nordv-00 Aniara

Breeder: Camilla Östman

Owner: Malin Persson

sorry, no photo...

4 Eel Gardens For A Fire
"Max" f: 000319
e: Fearnley Fire Monarch
u: Eel Gardens Pearls Of Passion
Breeder: B Schele
Owner: Roger och Nina Danielsson

Ashrims Cartoon Hero

5 Ashrims Cartoon Hero

"Micke" f:000502

e: Gaerlic Boogie Woogie at Dubliner
u: Ashrims Amber Pimpernel

Breeder/Owner: Carina Eriksson Åland


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