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Leona Sundsvall
16th December
The last show of the year and Leona had a good day. She was 2nd best bitch with CACIB at the Nordic Winner show in Stockholm. Judge was Claudio di Giuliano from Italy.

6th October        
An international all-breed ch. show in Sundsvall, Sweden was our goal this weekend. Judging was Wim Wellens from Holland. Katinka was 3rd in Open with Ck (Exc) and 4th best bitch. And I was very happy to get BOB with CACIB on Leona!

29-30th September
A very nice weekend with two ISF shows again. This time in Småland, Sweden. Katinka was lucky to get placings in her big class both days. Saturday 3rd and Sunday 5th.

22nd September        BOB & BOS Eckerö show

I celebrated my birthday with a dogshow, of course! We had our International KC all breed ch show here on Åland Islands. So I hadn't a long trip this time. All my girls could came along. Also my old veteran Nikita (Nattaset That's It) had a special day, out at a show. Many years since last time. She had a great time and enjoyed herself. She got a VG this day. My youngest girl Leona gave me a nice birthday gift by winning Best bitch and BOS with CACIB! English Setter BOB & FCI group 7 BIG had travelled a long way to get this good result, they came all the way from Estonia. Congrats to Kätlin with her Happy! My Irish Katinka was placed as 4th with Exc in open bitches. Judge was Paul Scanlon from Ireland.

8-9th September
Katinka with new friendA great weekend in Rättvik, Sweden with one Irish Setter Ass. (ISF) show on Saturday and the Puppy, Junior & Youngdogs day on Sunday. My Katinka was AGAIN 2nd in Open-1... 4th time in a row at ISF shows! Judging this time was Rosemary Ramsay, GB. On Sunday we had a Swedish breeder judging, Sinnika Thåg, kennel Danamoor. And guess what placing Katinka go? Yes, of course 2nd in her class..... what else ;-))
This was the first time I visited this lovely part of Sweden so I took the opportunity to stay an extra day for holiday. As you can see Katinka met a new friend ;-)

5th September 2007
Today I've updated frontpage with new photos and some news about the last weekends shows. Hope to update with new photos next week.

1st September
This weekend we went of to Tallinn, Estonia for a KC show. And we had a very lucky trip. Katinka was best bitch, got the CAC (CC) and was BOS. Leona (LvW-07 Nattaset Marigold) got the junior-CAC (CC) and was also best bitch and BOS. This was her 3rd jun-CAC, and she is now qualified for the titles Estonian & Latvian Junior Champion! My travel-companion Jaana Pöllänen's lovely English setter boy Farthingale High Born was BOB, BIG-2nd and BIS-3 junior. Also Irish setter BOB was from Finland, Maarit Takala's Redword Diamonds R' Blue. He was also BIG. Congrats to both Jaana and Maarit to their success! Great going, Finland!! Judging was Ricky Loch-Romans from Holland.

25th - 26th August
Another lovely weekend at Herrfallet, Arboga, Sweden. As all previous years these are very nice and well-arranged shows. The judges this year were Michelle Kavanagh and Jackie Willis from England. Katinka (Copper's Pure Bubble) was shown by her breeder Camilla Östman, thanks to Camilla for her good work! She was placed 2nd in Open-1 both days (biggest class of the day with 17 entries). She was also pulled out with the final 7 in best bitch class. Katinkas grandfather Withersdale World Wide Web was BIS on Saturday and BD-2nd on Sunday and her little halfsister and brothers did very well in miniorclass. Sister BIS-puppy one day and brother the second day. We are proud over the little ones!

11th and 18th of August
Attended two Swedish KC shows without any success. The judges were Arvid Göransson, Sweden and Torbjörn Granheim, Norway. The judges seemed to have another look at setters then most of us have ;-) Anyway we had very nice holiday-trips with lot of rest and good food, staying at lovely places.

29th July 2007
We had a nice trip to Jaana to fetch Leona home. Katinka came with me and we went to Vanda for a KC show. Judging was Hilda Parkinson from England. Both young girls got Exc. Leona was placed as 3rd in juniorclass.

23rd July 2007
Leona in Estonia
My young English setter girl LVW-07 Nattaset Marigold has been busy this weekend. She was on a showtrip to Estonia with her breeder Jaana. On Saturday it was a Kennelclub show in Haapsalu with Mrs Penny Williams (Bournehouse) judging. Leona was best juniorbitch, BOS-junior and 3rd best bitch with a junior-CAC (CC). On Sunday the Estonian Setter Club held their club show with Mr Gordon Williams (Bournehouse) judging. Leona was repeating her win in the class of juniorbitches, was BOS-junior with another junior-CAC (CC). Thanks to Minna and Jaana for bringing her to Estonia!

15th July 2007
Have taken some photos of a lovely puppy. Please visit my friend Julias website and have a look at her new puppy at Belarouge Irish Red & White Setters

11th July 2007
Today we are celebrating Nikitas 9th birthday!

19th June 2007
We have been to a few shows the last month.
On 13th of May we were to Österbybruk for the Swedish Winner show. Leona had a good day, without coat she still managed to become 2nd best bitch. Judging was (after change of judge) an American lady.
9th of June was a hot, hot day in Finspång, Sweden. We were there for the Irish Setter club show with Anne Doutwaite judging. Katinka was 2nd in Open-1 bitches with CQ. The following day was nearly as hot. Now it was time for a KC show in Norrköping with Swedish allrounder Ove Germundsson judging. Katinka was 5th in Open bitches.
In Kotka, Finland we attended a KC show on 17th of June. Leona won juniorbitches, was 4th best bitch and won the res-CC. Judge was Ned Burke from Ireland.
Now we take a break from showing and enjoy the summer!
I have a lot of photos from shows I visited this year and also last year that I haven't published on the net. If you are interested in a photo of your dog, send me an email and if I have one you can have a look at it!
Here are some new photos of my young girls:
Katinka head 
Katinka 2 years Leona head Leona 15 months

12th May 2007


Time to put out some news on my pages.
My greatest news is that we have a new member of your doggy family. On 18th of April I was over to my friend Jaana at Nattaset kennel and brought home with me a lovely girl. She is LvW-07 Nattaset Marigold, "Leona" (ex-Oona). She is nearly 14 months old now. I'm very happy and grateful to Jaana for our new family member! Photos of Leona will come up soon.

I have also a photoalbum on the net that I have forgotten to put a link from these pages. It's  More to come on that site.
In February I was over to Estonia to judge at the Setter Open show. You can see some photos of the Irish in my photoalbum, but I also judged the other setter breeds and more photos will come to the album later on.
I hope to go to some shows this summer with Katinka and Leona, so maybe we will meet! News about the shows will come up on this page.

Melissa headshot19th March 2007

Another loss in our family, today I had to say goodbye to my greatest love, "Melissa". My best friend for over 12 years, the one who has been my support and comfort. Life feels very hard without her. I have no words to explain my feelings... I only know that nothing will ever be the same again.


4th January 2007

The new year couldn't have started off worse for us. Our little darling Irina got ill and today we lost her. It's so many never again we're thinking about now...

- Oh my dearest Irina, you were always such a happy little girl and so very kind to every living creature. You were so easy to please. Happy for the smallest piece of sweets or whatever. Most of all I will miss the grin on your face when you welcomed me at home. And to hear you snore when sleeping on my legs. Your place in the bed is empty now. Goodbye my sweetest little one, I hope you're feeling better now. We will miss you forever!

Here's our last photo of Irina, 9 years and 8 months old.

IRINA, last photo


9th December
Attended the last show of the year. Swedish Winner show in Stockholm. Katinka was 2nd in intermediatebitches with a CK (Exc). I also handled Nattaset Special Spice to 5th best bitch.
Here's a photo of me and Spice>>

2nd November
Results from Katinkas hip x-ray was B-B !!

28th October
Old wonderful grand old lady Melissa celebrates her 12th birthday!!!!!!

23rd September
FKC show at Eckerö, Åland Islands. Our only local show. Judging the setters this year was Swedish Bertil Lundgren. Katinka was 1st juniorbitch with Exc. and 4th best bitch. I also handled Nattaset Special Spice to BOS.

2nd September
FKC show in Helsinki, Finland. Judging mrs Valerie Foss from UK.
Katinka was 1st in intermediate class with Exc. and 3rd in best bitch class. She also got her first Finnish CC (CAC).
We had brought kennel Glowings English setter bitch Walshaw Tea Party with us to the show. She was 3rd in open bitches (12 in class) and got the res-CC.

26-27 August
Spent a lovely weekend at Herrfallet, Arboga, Sweden with friends and dogs.
Two ISF shows was held. Katinka made her debut on Saturday in intermediate class by being 3rd with CK in a class of 13. Judging was Rebecca Burton, kennel Redhara, England. On Sunday she was 4th with HP, judge Emes Boros, kennel Berboss, Hungary.

7th August

Katinka on the run at Sundsvall showWhat a weekend! Went to Sundsvall for ISF shows. A wonderful place and great arrangements. On Saturday they had an Irish Setter Club Show with Gaye O'Connor, kennel Caispern judging. Katinka won juniorbitches with CK (in a class of 11). She also got the reserve-premie (like an inofficial resCC) and finished as 3rd best bitch! Only 15 months old.

Sunday Katinka could rest and I had to do the work. I was judging the Puppy, Junior and Youngdogs day. I was happy to see many nice dogs and like to thank the ones who honoured me with their entries. My BOB was the lovely bitch Kerrylaw's After Ski to Starmix and BOS Copper's Bubblande Glad. Photos and more comments will come up later.

23rd July
Went to SKC Västerås international all-breed show. Judging the setters was David Wong from Australia. Katinka won juniorbitches and got a CK. And I showed the English Setter Walshaw Tea Party to BOB and BIG-3.

18th July
Katinkas photoalbum updated with a lot of new photos from her shows, starting at page nr 6!

15th JulyBIR/BIM Högbo bruk 2006
Another SKC show in Högbo. This day the Swedish judge Henric Fryckstrand judged. Today Katinka managed to behave a little bit better and was Best bitch and BOS!! Her brother Rönnerdahl was again BOB and now BIG-5th. What a weekend for Copper's Bubble - litter!!!!
I also handled kennel Glowings lovely English setter bitch Walshaw Tea Party to BOB! Judge Tamas Jakkel, Hungary.

14th July 2006
Swedish KC show in Högbo. Judging was Per Iversen from Norway. He liked Katinka very much, she got a splendid report and was placed 2nd in juniorclass. She was very happy and jumped all over the place, something the judge couldn't accept so we didn't get any Hp :-( Katinkas sister Copper's Blowing Bubbles, Saffran, was BOS and her brother Copper's Bubblande Glad, Rönnerdahl, was BOB and BIG-4th!

11th July 2006
Nikita is celebrating her 8th birthday!

2nd July 2006
Went on a nice but terribly hot trip to west of Sweden and visited the ISF show in Gothenburg. Katinka got a Hp in juniorclass but no placing. Judge was Francis McKimm, kennel Trawricka.

17th June 2006
Today we were at the Setter Club Show in Vihtavuori, Finland. We had a lucky day. Katinka won juniorbitches with a CK (in a class of 7). Judging was Lynn Muir, kennel Romarne, England.

13th June 2006
Due to a computer crash my pages hasn't been updated for a while. So I have a lot of news for you!
8th of May was Katinkas one year birthday! We celebrated with a cake of course ;-)
And Katinka has now been shown several times with good results:
The weekend 13-14th of May Katinka made her debut in the ring. This was at the Swedish Irish Setter Ass. (ISF) shows at Härjarö. On Saturday Katinka was 5th juniorbitch in a class of 11 and on Sunday 4th with HP (prize of honour) in a class of 13. Judges was Martha Kips-Sabus & Guy Kips of kennel Castle of Dukes, Luxembourg.
On 25th of May we went to the local Open show to get some ring-training. Katinka behaved well and was best bitch (BOS). Judge was Juha Palomäki, Filnland.
Again a trip to Sweden on 28th of May to another ISF show, in Finspång. Judge this time was Ingrid Noyelle from Belgium. In a very strong class of 11 juniorbitches Katinka was placed 3rd with HP. Katinkas mum "Bubbles" was 2nd best bitch.
The following weekend it was time for our first Kennel Club show, at Österbybruk, Sweden. We had a great day. Katinka was 2nd in juniorbitch with CK (certificate quality) and ended up as 3rd best bitch. Katinkas sister Saffran (Copper's Blowing Bubbles) was 1st juniorbitch and 2nd best bitch as well as her brother Rönnerdahl (C Bubblande Glad) was 1st junior and 2nd best dog! I also handled the lovely lady Dioskury Diamond For Bright Souls to 1st in open bitches and 4th best bitch. Judging was Bertil Lundgren from Sweden.
Last weekend (11/6) the trip went to the European Winner Show in Helsinki, Finland. This was the first show without placing for Katinka. She got a "very good", there were only 3 exc in the class of 12. We could all see that the judge Sean Delmar from Ireland prefered the American type of Irish Setter... strange with a judge from Ireland! But we had a nice trip anyway.

Walshaw Tea Party18th April 2006
Today I've added a new photo of
Katinka in her photoalbum, aged 11 months.
Last Saturday, 15th, I visited Stockholm Int show. I was lucky to handle Susanna Chapman's lovely English Setter bitch
Walshaw Tea Party to BOB and BIG-5. Photo to the left. More photos from the show, of Irish Red Setters will come up in a new album soon.
I've noticed that many people has visited my guestbook, but very few has written in it :-( Why not write some lines for me?!
I can give you a surf-tip today, visit my friend Jaanas homepage,
kennel Nattaset. Look at her lovely puppies, 2 puppies still available!
And please visit Kennel
Bright Soul's homepage, a very interesting litter is planned. You can also contact me for further information or directly to the kennel of course.

13th April 2006
A new year, and not much written on my news page. Although Katinkas photoalbum has been updated several times!
Last month I visited Crufts dogshow in Birmingham, England. As usual I had a lovely trip, stayed with my friends Cheryl & George Stevenson. (Thanks for your hospitality!) I've made a photoalbum with photos from Crufts, welcome to visit it
But not much else has happened over here. I hope it will be a change this year, since I hope to show my youngster Katinka (now 11 months old). So hopefully some news and a lot of photos from shows.
Next week I hope to get some new photos of Katinka to present on these pages. And maybe some photos from the Easter show in Stockholm.
I still have some winner photos from last year that I haven't published. Hope to do it soon! So welcome back!!
And I have put out a new guestbook! My old one collapsed due to a lot of spam... It was really a pity since I had so many nice messages in it :-( So, please write new messages for me!!


24th October 2005
Katinkas photoalbum updated with a lot of new photos!

7th September 2005
A new photoalbum with showphotos out on the net! Photos from
Swedish shows August 2005. Thanks to Matilde Nielsen, Camilla Östman, Eva Roos-Sjöqvist and Ann Norell for letting me use their photos.

24th August 2005
Katinkas photoalbum updated with new photos, look at page 3 in the album!

7th August 2005
Another photoalbum out on the net, this time with photos of my little

5th August 2005
New photoalbum published!
Photos from Setter Club Show in Finland June 2005

3rd August 2005
New photoalbum published!
Photos from ISF Eksjö 2005.

1st August 2005
New photos of winners at showphotos/winners 05 page.

11th July 2005

NIKITA 7 years old!!

10th July 2005
Pages with presentation of my dogs put out on the net.

7th July 2005
Presenting my new little girl: COPPER'S PURE BUBBLE, nickname will probably be KATINKA. Katinka was born on 8th of May and is now about 8,5 weeks old. She will move to our place within a couple of weeks. I'm very happy to get this chance to get a little relative to my darling Melissa. Katinkas father Bright Soul's Glad All Over is a son of Melissas sister.

14th June 2005
Show photos updated with a new photoalbum from the latest show!

11th June 2005
After nearly two years without showing my girls I did it today! At the group show (FCI groups 7, 8 & 9) in Mariehamn, Åland. My old Irish lady Melissa (Bright Soul's Count On Me) was 4th best bitch, BOB-veteran and finally Best In Show veteran. Melissa will be 11 in October. Nikita (Nattaset That's It) was BOB and enjoyed a run in the showring. I also handled kennel Bright Soul's young lady Cherry Blossom (Dioskury Diamond For Bright Soul's), she was 2nd best bitch and got her first Finnish CC. So it was a lucky day!

26 May 2005
More photos published! Two new albums with showphotos, see show photos pages! Mostly Irish Setter photos, but also a few English and one Gordon.

12 May 2005
Two new photoalbums are published! Both from my trip to England in April. One from
English Setter Association and the other one from our lovely hotel ;-)

18 April 2005
Today we celebrate our lovely little English lady "Irina", 8 years old!

10 April 2005
Some new pages published under
SHOW PHOTOS. Photoalbums from two Swedish shows and pictures of some BOB/BOS winners from last year. More to follow!

2 January 2005
Hope the new year starts well for you and that it will be a smashing one!
Today I've made some small changes in layout and changed the firstpage photo. And put out a photo
In Memory of Carmen. More photos of her and my other dogs (also all who lives only in memory) will come up soon.

Melissa dec-04Melissa dec-04

December 2004

Now it's a long time since I wrote any news on my pages. But today I'm making an effort and write some lines about the last year.

This year has been one without showing. Feels quite strange, but also it has been a quiet year filled with a lot of other things then dogshows. But of course I've been visiting some shows without my own dogs. My interest for looking at them and taking photos is still there!

I've been twice to England to visit shows. In March it was Crufts and in August National Gundogs, my first visit to England in summertime. Very nice visit as always, England and the Englishmen are fantastic! As well as they have many nice dogs to look at. I made a photo report from National Gundog, if you have missed it... it's still up there! I have also visited shows in Finland and Sweden several times. A photo report from Finland is published, but unfortunately none from Sweden due to lack of time... I hope to be able to present some photos of Swedish dogs soon.

This year was also the last that I was a co-owner to the lovely English Setter boy Leo (FinJW-01 Swannery Valucia Sparkler). He is now owned by Ria Häkkinen, in the home he has lived in all his time in Finland. I wish Ria all the best luck with him in the future.

More tragic was the loss of my little darling Carmen (Bright Soul's Dancing Queen), my lovely Irish Setter lady. I lost her in October due to a pyometra. That terrible thing that can happen to all our bitches. Carmen was only 8,5 years old, I had hoped for many lucky years with her but faith had other plans.

Now I have only 3 girls with me. The oldie Irish Setter Melissa (Bright Soul's Count On Me) 10 years and two English Setters: 7,5 years old Irina (Bothwell Gone With The Wind) and 6,5 years old Nikita (Nattaset That's It). I plan to present them better with their own photo pages.

But today I only present new colours on my pages and a little new design with new pages.
And of course I wish you all

All the best,

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