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10 April 2005

Some new pages published under SHOW PHOTOS. Photoalbums from two Swedish shows and pictures of some BOB/BOS winners from last year. More to follow!

2 January 2005

Hope the new year starts well for you and that it will be a smashing one!
Today I've made some small changes in layout and changed the firstpage photo. And put out a photo
In Memory of Carmen. More photos of her and my other dogs (also all who lives only in memory) will come up soon.

Melissa dec-04Melissa dec-04

December 2004

Now it's a long time since I wrote any news on my pages. But today I'm making an effort and write some lines about the last year.

This year has been one without showing. Feels quite strange, but also it has been a quiet year filled with a lot of other things then dogshows. But of course I've been visiting some shows without my own dogs. My interest for looking at them and taking photos is still there!

I've been twice to England to visit shows. In March it was Crufts and in August National Gundogs, my first visit to England in summertime. Very nice visit as always, England and the Englishmen are fantastic! As well as they have many nice dogs to look at. I made a photo report from National Gundog, if you have missed it... it's still up there! I have also visited shows in Finland and Sweden several times. A photo report from Finland is published, but unfortunately none from Sweden due to lack of time... I hope to be able to present some photos of Swedish dogs soon.

This year was also the last that I was a co-owner to the lovely English Setter boy Leo (FinJW-01 Swannery Valucia Sparkler). He is now owned by Ria Häkkinen, in the home he has lived in all his time in Finland. I wish Ria all the best luck with him in the future.

More tragic was the loss of my little darling Carmen (Bright Soul's Dancing Queen), my lovely Irish Setter lady. I lost her in October due to a pyometra. That terrible thing that can happen to all our bitches. Carmen was only 8,5 years old, I had hoped for many lucky years with her but faith had other plans.

Now I have only 3 girls with me. The oldie Irish Setter Melissa (Bright Soul's Count On Me) 10 years and two English Setters: 7,5 years old Irina (Bothwell Gone With The Wind) and 6,5 years old Nikita (Nattaset That's It). I plan to present them better with their own photo pages.

But today I only present new colours on my pages and a little new design with new pages.
And of course I wish you all

All the best,

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