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31st December
The last couple of days I have published new albums in my Picasa webalbums. Photos from SKK Högbo (some Irish Setters and English Setters) and photos from Finnish & Nordic Winner shows (a little bit of all setter breeds).

26th December
The girls got some Christmas-gifts, but only Katinka managed to open hers by herself. Some pics of the young ones with their new toys:
Katinka with parcelKatinka with new toy
Katinka & Leona battleKatinka with new duck

Merry Christmas!!

12-13th December

On a trip to the big shows in Helsinki, Finland. Nordic Winner and Finnish Winners shows with a total of about 17000 entries during these days. Took a lot of photos which will come up in an album later on. My dogs stayed at home this time.

22nd November

Photos from ISF Rättvik published in my photoalbums at Picasa.

15th November
The 2nd part of photos from ISF Herrfallet are now published, photos from puppy-junior-youngdogs day, some photo-sessions and some beautiful views from Herrfallet. Also an album with photos of my dogs, my friends dogs and views from some walks this autumn.
Katinka in the sunset

2nd October
Now the photos from show in Eckerö are published in the albums I've made for our local kennel club. It can be found here!

26th - 27th September
Once a year we have an Int All Breed ChShow here on Åland Islands. Nice to go to a show we don't have to travel far to get to! Leona was 2nd in open bitches with Exc and ended up as 4th best bitch. Katinka was 2nd in open with Exc and 2nd best bitch with resCC and resCACIB. Judge was Inga Siil from Estonia.  
On Sunday I worked at the show all day. Took a lot of photos from the groups both days, which will come up when the time will allow me to fix them :)

24th September
More photos published in my photoalbums. Part 1 from ISF Herrfallet, all photos from Saturdays show.

19th September
Published new photoalbums at Picasa. Photos from SKK Nyköping and SKK Norrköping.

10th - 13th September
Holidays in England! Spent some lovely warm and sunny days in Nottingham with Peter & Lesley Armstrong. Of course looking at their sweet English Setter puppies. Ate a lot of good food, met a lot of people and also got some time for shopping = as always wonderful to be in England! Photos from my trip can be found in my Picasa album.
English setter puppies

6th September
SKK Sandviken. Katinka 4th place in open class. Judge Kresten Scheel, DK.

5th September
ISF Rättvik. A very rainy day! Katinka made her debute in premium class and was 4th with Ck. Judge Jeanine Meussen (Revival), Belgium. You can see in the picture how heavy the rain was at times...

22nd August
As always a lovely weekend at
ISF (Irish setter club show) Herrfallet, Arboga, Sweden. I showed my darling Katinka (Copper's Pure Bubble) to 1st in open-II, 2nd best bitch (out of 59 entered bitches) with ISF-premie (inoff. CC). This was Katinkas 3rd ISF-premie so at next ISF show she can compete in premium class (inoff. champion class)! Judge was Suzy Roffey (Autumnwood), GB.
Katinka Herrfallet

15-16th August
2 days at KC ch shows in Sweden. Took a lot of photos, so a new album will be published soon.
Katinka got Exc and was 5th best bitch on Sunday in Norrköping, judge John Thirwell, GB. Again excellent handled by Mattias Bornholm!
Katinka Norrköping
Katinka showing off her movements

Katinka also took part in kennel Coppers breeders group both days. On Sunday BOB group.
Coppers breedersgroup

2nd August

Finally put out the photos from ISF Köping and SKK Köping. And here's a new photo of Leona:

Leona summer 09

19th July

Katinka (Copper's Pure Bubble) was today 2nd in Open-2 at ISF club show in Köping, Sweden. Katinka was superbly handled by Mattias Bornholm (thanks!) while I was busy taking photos. Judge was Linda Upton, England. A lot of photos from the show will come up in my album later on!
Katinka in Köping
Katinka showing off

18th July

Leona was BOB with CACIB today at Köping Int. Ch Show, Sweden. This qualifies her to apply for the title CIE (International Show Champion). Judge was Ann Gormley, Ireland.
Leona BOB Köping

11th July, 2009
Today is a grand day! Because today is our grand old lady 11 years old! A lot of congrats to our sweet girl "Nikita" (Nattaset That's It) and to her littersisters and brothers. Here's a photo taken this morning of Nikita by our lake.
Nikita 11 years old

Here you can see what Nikita was looking at.

Some new photos taken a few days ago:
At first Leona (LvW-07 Est&LvJCh Nattaset Marigold) posing for the camera.
Leona 3 years + 3 months

My Irish girl Katinka (Copper's Pure Bubble) posing on the old gardentable.
Katinka 4 years + 2 months

One of our old cars, a Vauxhall Firenza from 1973, a rarity these days.
Vauxhall Firenza

A frog in our garden.

1st-4th July
Went on a trip to England with my friend Nina. We had really a wonderful time in the small and charming city of WIndsor, outside London. Warm and sunny weather, visit to a championship show, a lot of nice shopping, great food... what more can one ask for. Took a lot of photos at the dogshow, will publish them in an album soon, along with some sights from Windsor.


25th June
Spent a lovely Midsummer with Lena in Enköping, Sweden. We also visited my dear friend Susanna at kennel Glowing. Took lots of photos, some of them is out in a new album in my webgallery.
Riverdene puppiesGlowings

15th June
My webalbums is updated with new albums! ISF Finspång, SKK Norrköping, Riverdene puppies and some photos of Katinka having fun :-) Welcome to my webgalleries!

8th June, 2009

Visited Lena in Enköping, kennel Riverdene. Lena has got a litter of 11 puppies, a few are still available if someone is interested. Webpage
My favourite of the puppypics I took:
Riverdene puppy

7th June, 2009

Another day, another show with another judge... who didn't fancy my little darling Katinka at all. A KC show in Norrköping, Sweden. Judge Linda Baldry, kennel Derryveagh, UK.
She did like the other Coppers though. Putting up Coppers Pratbubbla as BOB (later on BIG for Swedish judge Fredrik Norgren) and the lovely juniorbitch Coppers Under My Umbrella as BOS. Coppers Bubblande Glad 3rd best dog and Coppers Classic Bubble 4th best bitch. Here you can see 3 Coppers in action:

6th June, 2009

Had a smashing day at ISF club show in Finspång, Sweden. Katinka (Coppers Pure Bubble) won open-2 bitches with Ck and was picked out amongst the 6 best bitches! Judging was Angela Roberts, kennel Polmennor, UK.
Here's a pic of my pride and joy:
Katinka Finspång

Her relatives from kennel Copper had also smashing day! Coppers Classic Bubble was best bitch and BOS. Coppers Under My Umbrella won a strong juniorclass of 16 and went on to 4th best bitch with the ISF-Premie. Lynwood Kiss N Tell Coppers was 2nd in intermediate with Ck. And the boys wasn't bad either: Coppers Bubblande Glad was 2nd best dog, Coppers Pratbubbla won open-1 and was 4th best dog with res-premie and his brother Coppers Art of Bubbles 2nd in open-1 with Ck.
Watch out for photos from the show in my photoalbum at the end of the week!

5th May, 2009
A quick visit to Camilla at Coppers to look at the small ones, Katinkas halfsister and brothers. And how sweet they were! Just look:
Three puppies at Coppers

31st May, 2009

New photo of Leona (Est&LvJCh LvW-07 Nattaset Marigold), 3 years. Taken at groupshow in Mariehamn. Judge Tiina Illukka. No luck for my girls. Both got only VG.
Leona May 09

I also took photos of Julias (kennel Belarouge) red & white "Kayleigh" Redwhitesilk Daybreak, she was BOB and got her 2nd CC on the day!

13th April, 2009
Yesterday I was to the International KC show in Stockholm, Kista. No success for my dogs. Both got 1st but no Ck. Photos from the show are published in my photoalbum! I have also put out an album with photos from the Estonian Setter Club Show in July last year, finally...
Thanks to Madde Bäckman for helping me with photos in Stockholm! Here's a new one of Katinka:

Katinka at Kista show

Happy Easter

2nd April, 2009
Photoalbum from ISF Värmland is now published!
We had a very nice trip to Sweden last weekend, although it was snowing! Katinka (Copper's Pure Bubble) got a very good 3rd in open-1. 1st, 2nd & 4th in her class were all "bubbly" halfsisters to her :-) Thanks to Camilla who handled her so well.

14th March, 2009
Happy Birthday to Leona who is 3 years old today, and we wish the same to all your littersisters and brothers!
We are also proud to tell the news that Leona (Est&LvJCh LvW-07 Nattaset Marigold) was awarded "Showdog of the Year" all breeds during 2008 at Åland Islands!

17th February, 2009
New photoalbum up on the net, my girls playing in the snow!
Katinka & LeonaKatinka

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