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ISF HÄRJARÖ 10/5 2003


Honeygardens Destiny

1 Ck 4th best bitch Honeygardens Destiny

"Robyn" f: 970524

e: Dubliner Against All Odds
u: LP Honeygardens Amicable-Annie

Breeder/Owner: Karin Dyrbäck

Burrenmist Firefly Summer

2 Ck 5th best bitch Burrenmist Firefly Summer

"Bonzai" f: 980914

e: GBshch Caspians Intrepid
u: Erinade Lady-Bird At Burrenmist

Breeder: P and D Kenny Storbritannien

Owner: Anders och Christina Dyrendahl

Dark Auburns Fun In Dublin

3 Dark Auburns Fun In Dublin

"Timotei" f: 980130

e: Gaerlic Boogie Woogie at Dubliner
u: Dubliner A Rosehip To DarkAuburn

Breeder: Mia Karlsson

Owner: Jennie Marsell

sorry, no photo....

4 Crazy´s Welcome Elin
"Elin" f:990302
e:Jww-98 Dubliner Daniel The Dodger
u: Crazy´s Interest Of My Life
Uppf/äg: Christina Gustafsson

Red Tail´s Zest For Life

5 Red Tail´s Zest For Life

"Kiara" f: 990106

e: Red Tail´s Giovanni
u: Red Tail´s Romance

Breeder/Owner: Tommy o Anne Eisgård

Red Tail´s Burgundy

Red Tail´s Burgundy

"Birgit" f: 990106

e: Red Tail´s Giovanni
u: Red Tail´s Zaffran

Breeder: Tommy o Anne Eisgård

Owner: Tuula Rautio

Windy Bell´s Butterfly

Windy Bell´s Butterfly

"Molly" f: 980610

e: Eel Gardens Tete-a-Tete
u: Harthavens Contribution of Elegance

Breeder: Marie Hindersson, Haninge

Owner: Lena Årgard

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