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English setter, tricolour, bitch
18.04.1997 - 04.01.2007
hips C/D
breeder Sirpa Tapper, Finland
owner Kickie Boman, Finland

pedigree »

Irina came into my life as a 5 months old puppy. She was hard to resist, so she stayed!
Her first show was a disaster, she was more on two legs then four! But her behavior got better. Her first CC came when she was 16 months old. Followed by some BOB's, CACIB's and more CC's. She wasn't much shown though, due to problems with a leg. It was a pity because with her happy mind she would have been a joy to show in veteran class.
Now we have only memories left. She was a lovely little character who always greeted you with a grin on her face! Laughing or trying to scare you, sometimes hard to know ...

Tuliketun Story of Jug »
Moon Magic Jug-Jug
Goldstone of Suntop

GB Sh Ch Arnsett Dark Night

Peaclond Blue Finch

Moon Magic Design by Me

GB Sh Ch Suntop Nightingale

Moon Magic of Yeo Suntop

Tuliketun Neitoperho
Moon Magic Even Melody

GB Sh Ch Suntop Nightingale

Moon Magic of Yeo Suntop

Black Shadow Tuulitukka

Hurwyn Flying Finn


Bothwell Harvest Mouse»
GB Sh Ch Valsett Star Performance
GB Sh Ch Sunlight of Valsett

GB Sh Ch Bellesett Baron of Upperwood

Valsett Louisiana of Advenane

GB Sh Ch Valsett Video Star at Wansleydale

GB Sh Ch Engsett Par Excellence

Valsett Spandau Ballet

Yeo Blue Gown
GB Sh Ch Latest Dance at Bournehouse

GB Sh Ch Bournehouse Dancing Master

GB Sh Ch Limestone Liberty

Blue Bell of Yeo

GB Sh Ch Bournehouse Dancing Master

Barrowdowns Moonbeam of Yeo

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