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Happy New Year!

29th December
Finally, all photos of the Irish Red Setters shown at SKK Stockholm, international, are now up in my photoalbum!

10th December
Put out our Christmas wishes on frontpage. In loving memory of Melissa, Bright Soul's Count On Me (1994-2007). She will always be missed.

6th December
SKK Stockholm with Eeva Rautala, Finland judging the Irish Setters. Katinka got a good report and VG. Did a lot of good shopping, so it was a splendid trip :-) Photos from all shown Irish Red Setters will come up soon.
Katinka SKK Stockholm


Spent a lovely week in a cottage by the sea, with the dogs.
Herrö Herrö

27-28th September
We had our local all-breed championship show here on Åland Islands. This year we celebrated 50 years with dogshows on Åland! I didn't have much success with my girls. Due to flight problems we had a change of judge, Hans Lehtinen did the setters. Katinka was Exc 3rd in her class as well as Leona Exc 3rd in her. Old lady Nikita had a lovely day out, but was to fat for anything else then VG :-) Well, Nikita did enjoy herself anyway. She has always loved showing, so a little break in her retirement was welcomed from her!
I took a lot of photos from the finals and have put out them all in an album at:
Me with the girls sept 2008

6th September
Went for a short visit to Högbo bruk, Sandviken, Sweden. Another show of course! This time a KC ch show. Leona was BOB with CACIB, judge Bertil Lundgren, Sweden. Katinka was 4th with Exc in Open (judge Beata Petkevica, Lettland). Managed to do some nice shopping and had a nice trip again!
Leona BOB Sandviken

23-24th August
Time for the yearly Irish Setter weekend at Herrfallet outside Arboga, Sweden. As always such nice shows and the place is lovely! Thanks to Lena & Sinnika for letting me share the cottage with you, I had a great time!!
Our judges was from England; Lynn Muir (Romarne) and Chris Sheldon (Delsanto). Katinka had good results again in the big open-1 classes, 2nd on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday. I was very pleased! Unfortunately I didn't get any new photos of Katinka since I showed her myself. But I did manage to take many photos of other dogs and you can find them in my album om Picasaweb! (follow link photos)

16-17th August
Again a nice show weekend. This time in Sweden at two all-breed ch shows.
On Saturday the International show in Nyköping. Judge for setters was Ricky Lochs-Romans from Holland. Leona started the day with a BOB. Katinka did her best and I was very pleased with her 1st in open and 2nd best bitch with res-CACIB!
We also took part in kennel Coppers breeders group who was BOB-group and in Katinkas mothers progeny group, not only BOB but BIS!
Balintyne Coppers Home N Dry progeny group
Sunday in Norrköping was a very wet day, rain all day! Martin Johansson from Sweden was judging. Katinka was placed 3rd in open. Leona didn't mind the rain and ended our weekend with a BOB and BIG-5
I've put out an album with some photos of Irish Setters from the show on Saturday, welcome to visit my album at picasaweb!

19-20th July
What a weekend! Spent it in nice company in Estonia, on dogshows of course.
Saturday an all-breed ch. show in Haapsalu, judge Jose Baddeley, UK. Katinka (Copper's Pure Bubble) made the day getting the CC (CAC) and Best bitch (BOS)! Leona (Nattaset Marigold) Exc 4th in open.
Sunday was Leonas day. At the Setters ch club show she got the CC and was Best bitch! Katinka was Exc 2nd in open and 4th best bitch (only one placing away from another CC). Judging was Sharon Littlechild, UK (Ravensett English setters).
Katinka BOS
BOS Copper's Pure Bubble & BOB Copper's Blomsterprinsen
Leona BOS
BOS Nattaset Marigold & BOB Iron Man of Slow Fox

14th July
New photoalbums from ISF World Wide Setter Show, finally published! Sorry for the delay, due to serverproblems.

12th July
Took new photos of my English girls today. Due to lack of handler they had to stand freely, but I'm pretty pleased with the result anyway. The older one is of course Nikita 10 years and the young one Leona 2 years and 4 months old. (Click on photos to enlarge them.)
Nikita 10 years old

11th July
Today we celebrate our lovely old lady "Nikita" (Nattaset That's It), 10 years today!!! Congrats to sisters and brothers as well!
Nikita 10 years

6th July
A great day for us at the World Wide Setter show, an open show for all setter breeds held at Taxinge castle outside Stockholm. Katinka had a wonderful day, handled by breeder Camilla & Maarit Flinck (thanks to you both for great work!!). At first she won the Open-1 bitches and followed it with winning the ISF-premie (an unofficial CC / CAC) and becoming 2nd in best bitch class (reserve best bitch!). Judge Mona Hunter, GB.
Leona was also handled by her breeder Jaana (thanks!) and had a great result. She was 2nd in open-1 bitches followed by 3rd place in best bitch class and a res-premie (judge Chris Sayers, GB).
I was busy taking photos and a new album will be up within a couple of days!
Copper's Pure Bubble - Katinka
Nattaset Marigold - Leona

5th July
World Dog Show in Stockholm! Had a nice day, but not much success for my dogs though. Wrong judges for us I guess ;-) Katinka got a VG and Leona an EXC. Many Irish Setters got VG or ever G, unusual results... Katinkas mother had a great day though, Balintyne Coppers Home N' Dry was World Winner 2008 amongst bitches!! And halfsister Copper's Magical Bubble was Junior World Winner, and ended the day with the wonderful result of BIS-4th junior! Katinka also was a part of the breeders group of kennel Copper who became Best Irish Setter Breeders group of the day. And my friends Jaana & Katjas young English setter boy Swannery Unforgettable was JuniorWorldWinner!

30th June
Updated my photopages, hopefully it's easier to find my albums now! Linkpage is also updated. More updates will come up soon!

20th June
Have a nice summer! We celebrate Midsummer with a new photo of my Rose Reflections girls by the roses in our garden :-)

15th June
Forssa Int. Showed Leona (LvW-07 Lv & Est JCh Nattaset Marigold) for Jukka Kuusisto. She was 3rd best bitch with res-CACIB.

14th June
Irish Setter Club Show in Mänttä, Finland. Judges were Cheryl & George Stevenson from UK. Katinka (Copper's Pure Bubble) was 4th in open. Photos from the show of both red and red&white setters can be seen in my photoalbum! A lot of thanks to Stefan Rönnkvist for taking photos with my camera when I was in the ring!
Katinka club show

2nd June

Finally, the photos from ESA (English Setter Association) Ch show in Newark, England are published in my photoalbum! Welcome to visit!

30th May
New photoalbum published, photos from ISF show Ängsjö.

24-25th May
Had a great little holiday in Sweden, visiting Sundsvall and Österbybruk. Two KC ch.shows and good luck with Leona. BOB both days! Saturday judge Kenneth Edh and Sunday C-G Stafberg.
After the show on Sunday the dogs had a great run with some friends, I bet they found it to be the best part of the trip :-)
Leona & Katinka

17th May

ISF show at Ängsjö, Stäket (outside Stockholm). Although a little bit of rainshowers a nice day out. Katinka 5th in open-1 bitches, handled by breeder Camilla Östman.
 Katinka 3 years old

Katinka 3 years

18-21st April, 2008
I was on a lovely trip to England. Visited the English Setter Associations Lots of photos will come up in my photoalbum soon.

19th March, 2008
Today it's one year since I lost my darling Melissa... I still miss her so very much, to all luck I have so many great memories of all our years together. She will always live in my heart and in my memories! Miss you my little angel!

18th March, 2008
Updated the photoalbum with new albums from Tammerfors/Tampere int.
Also with new photos of Leona and Katinka!
Leona and Katinka
And an album with photos from a morning walk with my wild old lady Nikita.
The wild one!

14-16th March, 2008
Went on a trip to Tammerfors/Tampere. Had a lovely little break with my two youngest girls. We attended the int. dogshow without any great luck. Leona VG at her first time in Open. And Katinka EXC.

14th March, 2008
Leonas 2nd birthday!!

11th March, 2008
Home after a lovely trip to England and Crufts dogshow. Some photos can be seen in my PHOTOALBUM. Mostly English Setter bitches and Irish Setter dogs.

9-10th February, 2008
Spent a very nice weekend in Tallinn, Estonia. Nice traveling company, thanks to Jaana, Eija, Katja and all of you who traveled in our big gang :-)
On Saturday we went to the international all-breed Judging setters were Marija Kavcic from Slovenia (after change of judge). We started with the English Setters and my Leona (LvW-07 Est&LvJCH Nattaset Marigold) was best bitch with CACIB, Best of Breed and went on to a 4th place in group 7 competition!

Katinka (Copper's Pure Bubble) took a good 3rd placing in open bitches. Pleased and tired with our first show day we enjoyed a nice dinner at our hotel.
On Sunday me and my dogs went early to the Estonian Setter Club CAC-show. Judging the adults was Leen van Genechten from Belgium. The day started with Irish Setters. Katinka got a lovely report and was placed 4th in open bitches.
Leona was 3rd in intermediate bitches today, right after her sister Nattaset Arctic Bramble who also was 2nd best bitch today.
A lot of photos, on almost every dog shown, can be found in my PHOTO ALBUM! Thanks a lot to Inga Siil who helped me with taking photos, without your help there had been so much fewer photos in the album.


A new year and a new photo album out on the net:
There's only a few shows presented from 2007, more to come from last year and also from earlier year.

Old news can be found here!

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